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‘Painful and profound’ questions about the nature of the state’s self-appended ‘integrity’! Treason is a concept manipulated by the state to suit its own agenda, seen with whistle-blowers for example today.


Most don’t even want to think about truth and the like; the poet-exile Heine said it about the colonial ‘United’ kingdom as long ago as 1850. Dreyfus too springs to mind re Casement. Nowadays the BBC is as much propaganda as RTV or CNN., except more adept due to decades of practice. A most laudable undertaking of Mr Hyde, to question a colonial govt who only know or use benign for itself from the Bs of the dictionary. Most thought-provoking project, thank you, one that fully deserves to be in libraries and bookshops.
Brian Banks, Teacher & Author, Warsaw

“Interesting article on Dis-covering Casement. It leaves one with an uncomfortable feeling that the ‘black diaries’ were not what we were taught at school and the real darkness came from the deception of the British empire.”
Fiona Brennan, Student, Dublin

“I spend my time writing about the dark deeds committed by Western governments in countries which regard them as their friends. I expose facts the mainstream media will not touch, not because they are not true, but because they are, and would lead a reporter down a very dangerous path if pursued.

Your analysis of the Black Diaries is entirely consistent with known government and semi-official practice of the material time (for example, the forgeries of the Zinoviev Letter and the Declaration of Patriarch Tikhon) and of today (check out the death of Georgian Prime Minister Zurab Zhvania and the official conclusions of that investigation). They ring true as part of a pattern drawn from a standard playbook. The contrary conclusions do not have that same authenticity, in my view, as they are too reminiscent of false statements made on similar questions by the same governmental authorities.

I therefore feel that your analysis is credible, and that Roger Casement was an obvious victim of such behaviour as he had come to similar conclusions about the operations of the government he served.”
Rumwold Leigh, Journalist

“Are you 100% sure your facts are right? The conclusions are logical. But why would so many people lie about this for so long? Am I missing something?”

J. Scott Monroe: retired librarian, Alicante

“The fact remains that there is no evidence of how, when and by whom the diaries were fabricated, in part or in whole. Its absence speaks volumes while no reason exists for any such incredibly extensive forgery.” (Extract)
Jeffrey Dudgeon, Belfast.
“Casement’s ghost never goes away. If you believe a man is a traitor you will easily believe anything about him even without real evidence. After the arguments in this research, it would be difficult for anyone to believe the diaries were really written by Casement. Expose the truth and let his ghost rest at ease.”
Tony Kenna, Executive Director at a global investment bank, Sydney
“I was interested in Kossuth and Casement’s father so I find this website about the Black Diaries. The story is fascinating and seems a cover up. They will not have real scientific tests as the Hitler diaries which are forgeries. The Casement Secret convinces  the Black Diaries are not genuine.”  
Balogh Andras, Neurogyst, Budapest 
“I am most grateful for this meticulously researched article that succinctly marshals devastating evidence against the widely held assumption that the so-called Black Diaries of Roger Casement are authentic. Damning criticism made by American forensic scientists of the 2002 Giles Report and its bolstering of the official line has long bothered me, but as a result of reading Mr. Hyde’s article, I am now convinced that the case for a totally impartial forensic investigation into the matter is overwhelming.”
Chris Burchett, Teacher, Oxford
“The Casement Secret is a ‘tour-de-force’ – an utterly convincing ‘game-changer’ at last. No-one saw the Black Diaries in 1916 because they did not exist then but were forged later. The typed pages were invented first.  Goodbye authenticity.”
Simon Day, Sales & Marketing Director (ret.d), Roscommon
 “Marvellous website. Thank you and congratulations.”
Julian Burnside, QC, Melbourne