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Review Comments

“It seems to me that you have made a strong case for an impartial committee of historians, legal experts and concerned citizens to look again in an open-minded way at the evidence you have produced. The apparent contradictions which you have identified in various official and semi-official documents seem glaring enough to warrant further investigation.”

Professor Declan Kiberd

“Your fascinating paper held me spellbound. Your critical analysis exceeds what I fancied was my own above average ability in that endeavor. I believe you have written a most objective and unbiased essay that is impeccable in its forensic thesis and suggestions for further investigations.”

Marcel Matley. US Forensic Document Examiner

“… very convincing. Your clarity and logic are first rate. I have no doubt of the importance of what you’ve done. I think the philosophical aspect to your paper is of huge significance, because it exposes the fault lines in the so-called science. I find your reasoning and clarity immensely helpful. I wish this had been published a decade ago.”

Dr. Angus Mitchell, University of Limerick

“It is fascinating and scholarly. I am convinced and suspect the black diaries were … a mix of original entries … and interpolations by British secret service.”

Professor Richard Kearney, Boston College

“I enjoyed it … it is a very impressive piece of work.”

Dr. Brian Ó Conchubhair, Associate Professor Notre Dame University, Director of Center for the Study of Languages & Cultures, President of American Conference for Irish Studies.

“It’s very detailed scholarship – and I think you make a persuasive case for your argument – I was certainly persuaded.”

Professor Adam Gearey, Law Faculty, Birkbeck College, London

 “I have no difficulty with the substance of your argument. You have built a strong and detailed case.”

Dr. Martin Mansergh, former government special advisor

“From a legal point of view the forensic and yet simple analysis was compelling, going to the very core of the issue and laying the “evidence” clearly before the reader. The research was in my opinion excellent and arguments convincing. The standard of proof to be applied is the important question. A judge sitting alone using the civil standard would in my opinion be left with the decision that the Diary was on the balance of probabilities written by an unknown author. A jury deciding beyond a reasonable doubt would be a far more difficult question to answer; my own view is I was personally convinced that the author was an unknown person not Casement.”

Brian Leahy, Barrister

“Yours is a sustained, first-rate effort to which I wish to do justice. On first reading, your essay undermines the credibility of the Dollard diary.”

Ronan Sheehan, Lawyer